of Pure One Holdings Ltd is the first B2B2C internet banner network in Hong Kong. Everybody is able to buy or sell online advertisements. It is easy to find a marketing channel and platform through Advooe, which makes you save much information cost.


JSHOPPERS, which sells Japanese fashion clothing on the internet, started to put their advertisements on Advooe’s system from June. According to their sales report, the turnover was over $200,000 through clicks from Advooe.

I-ONE chain internet café has used Advooe system for a very long time. Their good service, operation method and ad campaign make itself the biggest chain internet café in Hong Kong. They now have more than 30 branches, and won Innovative Entrepreneurship in 2009. All these show that advertising is vital for brand promotion.

Jacky Kwan, Chairman of Bamboos, says, ads banners on a lot of websites through make us more and more popular. What’s more, their 3ADS system promotes our products more directly to our target group with better effect.


3ADS system, which Mr. Kwan mentioned, was invented by Customers will receive your ad message immediately via webpage, mobile phone and E-mail as soon as they click your ad banner. At the same time, you can collect users’ mobile phone numbers and email addresses through 3ADS, so that you won’t miss any potential customer.

Besides of 3ADS, Advooe also created Table Ads (Rolling Ads). Its wide application includes travel website, price list, programme table, facial industry, course introduction, job seeking website, website info, product introduction, service recommendation and so on. And the service is so easy to use that you can even edit the content of ads everyday by yourself. and are two of those websites succesfully use this function.

    Advooe consists of thousands of websites, ranging from forum to personal blog, you can always find out what exactly you need on

Many famous websites, which offer online ads service, charge $2 - $8 by every click, that is, you may need to pay over $10,000 per month. However, Advooe offers monthly unlimited impression and click rate on scores of main websites in Hong Kong, covering 1 million netizens, and only charges around $3,000 per month, some plans even cost about $1,000.

Those websites include:
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In addition, Advooe guarantees that monthly impression rate of your ads reaches at least 3 million , otherwise, we will refund money in proportion.